• Advisor speaking with two veteran students

It’s not just what you know, it’s who you know

As a student Veteran, you have unique potential. Make the most out of your powerful combination of military experience and classroom knowledge by working with a Mentor.

American Corporate Partners' (ACP) mission is to connect post-9/11 Veterans to successful and experienced Mentors from top Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Disney and Northrup Grumman.

Mentors can assist in making networking connections and providing career insight in areas such as job search strategies, résumé writing, internships and career path clarity.

Getting connected is free and simple
  • Complete a brief application and phone call with ACP staff to share more about your background, career goals and specific areas you'd like assistance with.
  • ACP then handpicks a Mentor based on your interests and offers you the opportunity to work together one-on-one for a year.
  • You'll customize mentorship goals and work with your Mentor to carve out a path toward post-graduation success together.

Apply today

Step 1: Complete a CCBC FERPA form and submit it to the Veteran Resource Center on your campus.

Step 2: Apply online through ACP and note that you were referred by CCBC.