Take advantage of everything CCBC has to offer!

CCBC Veteran Services offers a variety of veteran mentorships, military-specific courses, events, and many other programs designed to assist our military-connected students in reaching their educational and career goals.

If you’d like to meet more of your military-connected peers on campus, come join us at one of our monthly events, or if you need a little boost with your writing skills over the summer, consider the Warrior Scholar Project. How about connecting with veterans who already know the ropes here at CCBC? Get a mentor! You can also keep up-to-date by emailing us at veteranservices@ccbcmd.edu to learn more about upcoming events.

Veteran Services strives to offer you, our military-connected students, everything you will need to succeed while you’re here at CCBC. Come visit us in the Veteran Resource Centers, or say hello at our next event. We’d love to meet you!

American Corporate Partners (ACP) career mentors

The ACP program offers veterans tools for long-term career development through mentoring, career counseling and networking opportunities. ACP’s Mentoring Program connects veterans with professionals from America’s top Fortune 500 corporations for a year-long mentorship. Veterans are mentored on topics ranging from resume building and interviewing skills to networking and leadership skills—all for free!

ACP also offers a Women Veterans program. If you are a female veteran and would prefer a female mentor, please let the ACP staff know, and they will be glad to assist you!

In order to apply for ACP, please complete a CCBC FERPA Form and submit it to your campus Veteran Resource Center, or to veteranservices@ccbcmd.edu. Then go to the ACP website to apply.

Alumni mentors

The CCBC Alumni Veteran Mentor Program connects student-veterans with veteran alumni who share similar backgrounds and experiences. As a student veteran, you will be matched with a CCBC alumnus who is also a veteran and who can share their experiences and knowledge of CCBC and the local working community with you.

Alumni mentors can help you connect your classroom experiences with your real life experiences, to include family, military and work experiences. They can assist you in learning how to navigate college resources and guide you as you plan for a career after college. Learn more »

Faculty and staff mentors

CCBC Veteran Services is fortunate to be able to provide you access to our veteran CCBC faculty and staff through our faculty & staff mentorship program. Faculty & staff mentors guide you as you progress through your course of study here at CCBC. The goal of CCBC Veteran Services is to give you, our veteran students, the tools you need to persist and succeed in college, and our faculty & staff mentorship program can be a key factor in helping you to succeed.

If you’d like to have a Faculty or Staff Mentor, please let us know at veteranservices@ccbcmd.edu.

Peer mentors

Mentoring is a special partnership between two people based on a commitment to the mentoring process, common goals/expectations of the partnership, mutual trust, and respect. Mentoring is both a “get and give” experience with the goal of providing a rich and rewarding experience for both partners. As a CCBC veteran student, you are invited to either become a peer mentor to other CCBC veteran students, or you may request to have a peer mentor.

If you’d like to be a Peer Mentor, or if you would like to have a Peer Mentor, please let us know at veteranservices@ccbcmd.edu.

Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL) Program

The VITAL Program is a partnership between the VA Maryland Health Care System and CCBC. VITAL staff members are here to help students address their overall mental health needs and concerns, while supporting them to use their unique set of strengths, skills and life experiences in the academic setting. You have an ally on campus who understands your needs as a student veteran. CCBC’s VITAL Program offers:
  • Direct Clinical Services – VITAL provides on-campus mental health screening and referrals for VA eligible student veterans.
  • Care Coordination – VITAL facilitates access to health, campus and community resources support veterans’ educational and health goals.
  • Education and Training – VITAL provides consultation and liaison services to the campus community with the purpose of educating faculty, staff and students about the unique strengths and challenges facing student veterans.
Dr. Daniel Koster via email at Daniel.Koster2@VA.gov or by calling 443.637.1317

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Would you like to earn college credit for your military training and experience?

You can receive up to 75% of the credits required to complete your CCBC program of study through Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). PLA credits may be earned through:

  • Military Transcripts (American Council on Education credits):
    • Joint Services Transcript (JST)
    • Community College of the Air Force Transcript (CCAF)
  • Departmental exam
  • Portfolio review
  • Formal testing such as CLEP, DSST, IB, AP
  • Industry certification, licensure or apprenticeship
Use your military training and experience to jump ahead to spend less time and money on our degree. CCBC wants you to meet your educational goals, and we’re here to help! Learn more about earning credit for your military training and experience through PLA.

The Warrior-Scholar Project

The Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP) is a free week-long intensive college-prep course designed to
  • Facilitate veterans’ transition from the military to college and
  • Prepare student-veterans to become academically successful leaders on a college campus.

WSP course objectives include

  • Reinforce academic skills that may have diminished since their last classroom experience
  • Support and promote the value of military experience in the classroom
  • Equip student-veterans with the skills and knowledge to overcome the social and emotional challenges that arise during this transition.
You will need to submit a completed CCBC FERPA Form to your campus Veteran Resource Center, or veteranservices@ccbcmd.edu, at the time of your application to the program. Learn more»

VA Work Study Program

As a veteran, you may also be eligible to receive VA work study funds to be able to work on campus while you study.

Contact your campus VA Certifying Official for information on how to apply and then contact your campus Career Services office to apply for open positions in the Veteran Resource Centers. We always have room for new faces!