Event Submission Policy

The online events calendar is administered by the Web Management Team.

Only events that are organized by, sponsored by or co-sponsored by CCBC entities (i.e. departments, centers, colleges and/or officially sanctioned student organizations) are publicized on the online events calendar. CCBC does not accept event submissions from outside organizations that are not affiliated with or supported by CCBC. The Web Management Team reserves the right to reject submission of events hosted by non-CCBC affiliated organization that may include participation by members of the CCBC community.

If your event is hosted by a non-CCBC organization, consider submitting it to CCBC Connection, the online student newspaper.

Faculty meetings, private fundraisers, tutoring labs, club meetings, retirement dinners, invitation-only events, etc. are not appropriate for the public facing CCBC website and will not be posted.

If changes are requested for an event—such as location or time—those updates must be submitted at least 5 business days before the event takes place.

We reserve the right to approve, reject, edit or make special considerations for any event submitted to the calendar.