Introduction and purpose

The Community College of Baltimore County’s external website ( is the face of CCBC. Often it is the first impression visitors have of the college and we want it to be a positive experience.

The goals of the website are to:

  • Attract and engage prospective students.
    • Encourage them to apply, visit the campus, request info, etc.
  • Provide web resources for current students.
  • Provide web resources for other key audiences: alumni, community businesses, donors and potential employees.
  • Promote the wide variety of academic opportunities offered at CCBC.
  • Present a consistent brand and message.
To help ensure a positive user experience, we have standards and best practices in place to assist you when developing and maintaining content on the website – providing the best content possible.

The intent of our Web Content Standards is to help ensure that CCBC has a strong, public presence on the web. These standards written by members of the Web Management Team include web usability guidelines and best practices in communications as well as thorough research into the needs of CCBC’s web audiences.

The college relies on members of all departments to contribute to the development and maintenance of the college website, but it is critical that we do so with a single, clear, consistent and credible voice. By conveying a consistent voice, we will cultivate trust and promote a conversation with our audience as we support their informational needs and engage them with the CCBC brand and experience.