Put important information first

The “inverted pyramid” writing model places important information at the beginning of sentences, important sentences at the beginnings of paragraphs and key paragraphs at the beginning of a block of copy. Other detail and background information are included in order of diminishing importance. This technique is valuable on the web for the same reason it was important in 19th century newspapers: the reader can leave the text at any time and still understand its main point.

Focus on a top task instead of just adding a mission statement

What is a top task?
A top task is any action that:
  • A large number of people need to complete online
  • Is essential for people to accomplish quickly and easily

Why is it important?
  • People come to the website with a specific task in mind. If it isn't easy to find and quickly complete that task, they’ll leave.
  • Identify the mission (or purpose) of your content, not the mission statement of your department.
  • Determine your visitors' #1 top task. Focus your web presence on helping users complete this task.