Be precise about mechanics and style

Grammatical mistakes, typos and misspellings can spoil a user’s experience and damage CCBC’s credibility. Not all readers notice, but plenty do. As an academic institution we often are – and should be – held to a higher standard of perfection in our communications.


Have someone unfamiliar with your text proofread for you. Their fresh eyes will not only catch minor mistakes, but will also pick up language that may be unclear to the uninitiated reader. Be sure to proofread even recurring text (e.g., college name, address, tag line, etc.).

Use Associated Press style and the CCBC Style Guide

Is it adviser or advisor?
Do you use a comma before and in a series?
When do you capitalize job titles or department names?

To address these and all other frequent style concerns in a consistent way, CCBC uses AP style in all external communications. All web content contributors and content owners have access to an online version of the AP Stylebook, customized to include CCBC-specific concerns. Note, CCBC has a limited concurrent use license for the online AP Stylebook. Be sure to close your window when you are finished.

Writing that does not comply with CCBC and AP style cannot be published to the college website.

Where AP style does not address specific grammar and usage concerns, consult one of these additional resources: