Eli Adams
Area director of Operations
at MCR Development

Eli Adams began his relationship with CCBC when he became involved with the college’s Hospitality and Restaurant Management task force. His years of experience in the hospitality industry helped provide CCBC with the insight needed to strengthen its program to better serve the industry’s employment needs, continuing education, and training for incumbent workers, as well as training and education for current and future CCBC students.

“ Our company’s partnership with CCBC helps the college ensure students are job-ready when they graduate. I was in those students’ shoes – with lots of questions and wishing I had someone in the industry to give me answers. Now I am in a position where I can provide that insight, which is very rewarding.”

But the relationship is more than just an advisory one. Eli is a frequent speaker in CCBC classrooms, gives tours of the local Hilton Garden Inn to students, and has hired a number of CCBC students and graduates in MCR’s 10 Baltimore area hotels.

New Beginnings: Eli Adams 08.05.2015
Video by CCBCMD
A short interview with CCBC New Beginnings campaign supporter Eli Adams. www.ccbcmd.edu/New-Beginnings

Close up of Eli Adams, Area director of Operations at MCR Developement