Jason Miller
CCBC adjunct faculty, Cybersecurity program
Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics at Dunbar Armored

Dunbar Cybersecurity (Hunt Valley, Md.) depends on the knowledge and expertise of its employees to safeguard the digital assets of its finance, retail, health care and education clients. Jason Miller, Dunbar Armored’s director of Business Intelligence and Analytics, knows that CCBC consistently provides its students with the training and experience vital to entering this fast-growing and constantly changing work environment.

“ Any student who puts in 100 percent here at CCBC is absolutely ready to enter the workplace. The academic rigor, combined with the college’s significant investments in keeping up with changes in technology, is preparing students to do amazing things.”

And he should know. Jason enrolled at CCBC fresh out of high school, ready to explore his educational and career options. A UMBC alumnus and now an adjunct faculty member at CCBC, Jason affirms that CCBC is in a unique position to provide a low barrier of entry to the cybersecurity field, making it easy and affordable for students to find the right path to achieving their educational and professional goals.

CCBC professor Jason Miller
New Beginnings: Jason Miller 08.05.2015
Video by CCBCMD
A short segment from the CCBC New Beginnings campaign video highlighting the story of faculty member and business leader Jason Miller. www.ccbcmd.edu/New-Beginnings

Close up of Jason Miler, CCBC Adjunct Faculty