Why partner with CCBC?

Many businesses look to community colleges to help fulfill many basic needs.

CCBC can work with industry to help businesses and corporations meet today’s challenging needs including:

Student Access

Students are one of our greatest assets. CCBC enrolls nearly 70,000 students in its academic, continuing education, and certificate programs. Our students are our greatest resource and hold incredible potential for your organization as prospective interns and employees. 

While getting crucial real-world experience with your organization, a CCBC intern can be a valuable addition to your team, offering fresh insight and needed demand.

CCBC raises the skills, education levels, and employment prospects of people eager to earn degrees, build careers, and improve their lives. Schedule a campus visit or participate in our annual career fair.


Whether to retain or enhance employee talent, CCBC offerings include complete degree programs to retain and develop managerial staff, certificate programs to obtain or maintain professional licensing and credentials; occasional courses to upgrade worker skills; corporate training programs; and customized curricula. Learn more about our employee training programs »

Community Engagement

CCBC activities encourage new business, assist existing business, and create long-term economic growth. The college enhances workers skills and provides customized training to local business and industry. The increased productivity of workers due to accumulation of past and present CCBC skills in Baltimore County workforce contributes approximately $643.2 million in added income each year.