• Group of student posing for a photo on commencement day

Reducing roadblocks to college access and completion

As a college community, we support each effort and value every student’s success.

Since its founding, CCBC has always strived to make higher-education affordable and accessible, creating pathways for student success. By building bridges from High School to College, creating innovative tools for student success and providing greater access through scholarships and special initiatives, we are helping students reach their education and career goals. 

Building bridges from high school to college

CCBC is committed to increasing access and helping high school students obtain credentials that accelerate their completion of a college degree or industry certification.

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Innovative tools for student success

CCBC is incorporating innovative strategies designed to meet the unique needs of our students.

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Greater access through scholarships and special initiatives

Fifty-one percent (51%) of all CCBC students receive some form of financial aid and the college is firmly committed to improving access by increasing the availability of scholarship support.

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