• CCBC Mentor speaks to a classroom of students

Innovative tools for student success

Community colleges offer a unique point of access for millions of students who would not otherwise be able to afford a post-secondary education. However, a spotlight in recent years on completion rates shows that access does not ensure success.

CCBC is incorporating innovative strategies designed to meet the unique needs of our students. Innovative strategies such as ACDV 101 - a first-year experience course, enhanced advising, increased access to online supplemental education resources, and Accelerated Pathways are bolstering student persistence and completion.

ACDV 101 - African American Male Sections 01.30.2013
Video by CCBCMD
A short look at the African American Male Sections of ACDV 101 at The Community College of Baltimore County. Visit http://www.ccbcmd.edu/acdv101/index.html for more information on ACDV 101