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Camilla Timfe

CCBC Graduate, Cybersecurity, '21

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CCBC in three words: affordable, inclusive and quality.

A native of Cameroon, Camilla Timfe started taking Information Technology classes online before moving to the United States to join her husband. Soon after she arrived in 2019, she enrolled in the Cybersecurity program at CCBC based on a recommendation from a childhood friend who was also in the program.

For Timfe, cost played a major role in her decision to attend CCBC, and college is affordable for her thanks to the grants and scholarships she has received at CCBC. She even earned a voucher to cover the cost of the Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) certification exam, making her more marketable to potential employers.

“This funding has kept me in college,” said Timfe. “If not, I would not be able to afford my education.”

She also adds that CCBC’s flexible schedule of evening, weekend, online and remote classes has helped make college more convenient for her lifestyle. Though Timfe prefers remote classes, she likes them to maintain a classroom feel.

As a mother of two working a full-time job and an internship, I can also study full-time, manage my responsibilities at home and work, and still make top grades.

Timfe credits much of her success to the CCBC faculty and staff: “From the financial aid staff to my professors and advisors, everyone has been so helpful and encouraging. It has been a wonderful experience.”

An active member of the Technology Club and the Women in Technology Club, Timfe said it is important to get involved at CCBC to learn about new opportunities and become a part of a valuable network.

“These clubs have been very resourceful in my job search by providing support with my resume, job listings, an arena to meet employers, internship opportunities and even providing references,” said Timfe, who was also a CCBC Fresh Face student ambassador.

"I wanted to become a Fresh Face because I believe my CCBC story could encourage someone else to pursue their dreams,” said Timfe. “I hope to inspire other working parents and immigrants to see that anything is possible.”

Timfe graduated in 2021 with an associate degree in Cybersecurity and works as a cybersecurity analyst. She plans to continue her studies, eventually obtaining a bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

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