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Edwina Perez

CCBC Graduate, General Studies, '21

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CCBC in three words: motivating, welcoming and diverse.

Edwina Perez, a mom of two young children, started CCBC in 2017 as a General Studies major. She chose the community college route after discovering that CCBC was a much more affordable option than a four-year university. After going through the application process, she realized the price difference was “mind blowing.”

“CCBC ended up being the best thing that could happen to me other than my children being born,” said Perez.

CCBC has saved me so much money and has been so accommodating with my busy lifestyle.

“I am forever thankful to be able to be home with my children and attend classes at times that are convenient for me thanks to CCBC’s flexible schedule,” she said. “It’s not always easy, but it's working for me, and I am one step closer to my future goals.”

Perez said that one of the reasons she loves CCBC is that all the staff members and professors have been very welcoming and supportive. When she first started taking classes at CCBC Dundalk, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do in life, so she met with her adviser who suggested majoring in General Studies. This allowed her the opportunity to go in many different directions after she earned her associate degree at CCBC.

“At this time, having support and just a professor that believes in you — when you’re drowning in everything else — means a lot because they truly take time out of their day to make sure you’re okay,” she said.

Because of her passion for CCBC, Perez became a member of CCBC’s Fresh Faces team. Being a CCBC Fresh Face student ambassador enabled her to help promote CCBC, make new connections and show her children that anything can be done. She believes some people are destined to go straight to a university, while others choose a different path that works for them.

Don’t doubt the process. Community college is still college and can give you so many amazing opportunities.

Edwina graduated from CCBC in 2021 and works full-time at a sports facility, creating programs for children with disabilities. She plans to transfer to Towson to complete her bachelor’s degree in family and human services.

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