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Rosia Lynette Frazier

Current Student, Communication and Digital Media Studies, '24

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CCBC in three words: exceptional, affordable and inclusive.

All three of Rosia Frazier’s children attended CCBC at age 14 as a next step from being homeschooled. She fell in love with the school’s welcoming atmosphere, gorgeous campuses, welcoming libraries and talented professors during the hours that turned into years she spent waiting for them while they were in classes. All three of her children graduated from CCBC with two-year degrees and each plans to return as they move up in their careers.

For now, however, it’s Frazier’s turn to experience all that CCBC has to offer. She enrolled in the Communication and Digital Media Studies program in 2018 to finish the degree she started in a different state in 1986. She says, “The ability to effectively communicate in all areas of life will determine how you are perceived and how much you will attain.”

Affordability was a big factor in her ability to fund her children’s and her education. Her kids qualified for the PELL grant and many scholarships. She has been awarded Honors scholarships for her 3.9 GPA and several CCBC CARES scholarships as a non-traditional student navigating COVID-19. “We paid the balance and were able to do so on a payment plan. It was perfect to receive a world-class education on a seriously tight budget. If we can do it, so can anyone.”

I can pursue all the things I love like philosophy, science, history and communication to create a tapestry of my learning. I don’t know of anywhere else I can do that on my budget.

Frazier volunteers and is a pageant titleholder. She also loves to read, study and take road trips with her adult children. “I’m not stopping any of those things, and I don’t have to, to attend CCBC,” she says. The flexibility of being able to study at any of CCBC’s six campus locations or online and schedule Saturday classes, evening classes and summer semesters allows her to work and take care of her myriad responsibilities. Frazier says that online classes require more commitment, maturity, organization and strategy but prefers being in a classroom. “There is no other place on earth like inside a classroom learning from a great educator. Teachers teach, but Educators take you to that next level. That’s what I experience at CCBC whether in person or online.”

She has earned straight As in both classroom and online formats and applauds her professors’ dedication and ability to answer questions in a timely manner, give advice and keep her engaged through the ups and downs of a semester of learning.

“I have met the smartest, most dedicated most kind people here at CCBC. I have been proud to call them all my professors. They work so hard so we can do well in spite of all the challenges of finances, time and life!” As an unapologetic scholar, Frazier says “I love learning and I love the professors. CCBC has a habit of presenting us with world-class professors. I am so glad to be here.”

Frazier has also been impressed by all the resources at CCBC and says it “can be that home away from home” for students who need tutoring, access to food pantries and more. There are dozens of clubs and activities at CCBC for traditional and non-traditional students. Frazier enjoys writing stories for the campus publications and interviewing the movers and shakers on the CCBC campuses. “My stories require me to spend time on campus speaking to folks and learning all I can about CCBC culture on campus.” That time, she says, can be a powerful educational experience. “Spend as much time here on campus. You will be so glad you opened yourself up to new people and new opportunities while enjoying your time at CCBC."

Frazier plans to graduate in the spring of 2024 with her second degree in five years and hopes to return for a certificate program or two and eventually teach at CCBC. “A professorship seems perfect to me, and CCBC has prepared me to succeed.”