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Sadaf Kaleem

CCBC Student, Legal Studies, '24

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CCBC in three words: affordable, helpful and culturally rich.

As an international student, Sadaf Kaleem’s goal is to pursue a career in law even though she already holds a master's degree in International Relations. Her American relatives suggested that she sign up for CCBC, which she decided was the best plan for exploring her new Legal Studies degree and potential professional route.

It was difficult for her to manage tuition fees at first, because she didn’t know anything about scholarships. However, things changed when she discovered the CCBC opportunities to help pay for college. “This is the best inexpensive institution with top-notch academic standards,” said Kaleem, who received several scholarships, including the Presidential Honors Scholarship for International Students, CCBC Cares Scholarship, Honors Scholarships, and a book scholarship.

CCBC scholarships have been invaluable in supporting my educational journey. The Presidential Honors Scholarship for International Students has not only eased my financial burden but also boosted my confidence, allowing me to focus on my studies and actively participate in various academic and extracurricular activities.

Kaleem has a passion for the legal field that drives her academic and professional goals. “I am deeply interested in becoming an attorney and working towards a more just and equitable society.” She values the education offered at CCBC for its variety, affordability, availability of useful tools and informed and interesting instructors. She encourages anyone considering community college to visit the school, look into the programs and options and talk to teachers and students in their major to get a feel for things. She also suggests applying for any scholarships you can find to ease some of the financial burden of attending college. “Starting your undergraduate career with CCBC is a fantastic idea!” she said.

Her online courses provide a great deal of flexibility and help her organize her schedule to finish work ahead of schedule each week. She acknowledges that time management can be difficult, particularly when she has a lot on her plate and extracurricular activities to attend. Because of her hectic schedule, she has to work extra hard to find time for her family.

That is understandable because Kaleem is involved in many organizations at CCBC, including serving as vice president for collaboration and outreach of the Honors Council, student board member for CCBC Alumni, community engagement advocate, provisional member of Phi Theta Kappa, student ambassador for Student Life, president of the Multicultural Student Association at Essex, general secretary at the Multicultural Student Association at Catonsville, Honors Scholar and member of the Multicultural Student Association at Annapolis.

“Over the past few years, my involvement in these clubs has been vital in helping me make important connections and developing my character,” she said. Being engaged and remaining active on campus has allowed her to make a positive difference and stay up to date with the newest advancements. “CCBC offers students a wealth of resources, so becoming engaged is essential." She adds, "Students who actively participate on campus have more opportunities to earn scholarships and internships. The ties you make with your classmates and teachers will serve you well in the long run. Having a broader network of individuals makes it simpler to obtain benefits like recommendation letters and other forms of support.” CCBC has dedicated support for international students as well.

Kaleem has been impressed with how easy it is to access everything on campus. “It only takes one person to point you in the right direction for an opportunity, whether you are looking for information regarding scholarships, internships or joining clubs. The atmosphere is wonderful, and the cheerfulness that permeates both the student body and the teaching staff is contagious; this is especially true given the stunningly lovely campus that we have. “

After Kaleem completes her associate degree in Legal Studies, she plans to pursue a Juris Doctor (JD) degree, further honing her skills and knowledge in law. Her goal is to work as an attorney, advocating for justice and making a positive impact on the legal system.