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Shantell Comegys

CCBC Online Student, Criminal Justice '27

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CCBC in three words: affordable, supportive and welcoming.

As a busy working mother, Shantell Comegys needed a college that was affordable and could work with her busy schedule, so in 2022, she decided to enroll at CCBC.

“CCBC made it very affordable to allow me to attend college without having the worry of debt looming in my head,” said Comegys, who is funding her education through grants as well as a Baltimore County College Promise scholarship. “I’m a mom of three and head of household, so every penny counts.”

Comegys found that CCBC Online courses give her the flexibility to work full time, manage her daily life and spend time with her family. Additionally, she likes the convenient locations of CCBC’s campuses because it was important to her to be able to access resources, build friendships and stay connected.

The value of a CCBC associate degree is that it would open up more career opportunities and make me more competitive.

Because she currently works in the criminal justice field, Comegys chose CCBC’s Criminal Justice program to help her stay competitive and advance in her career. She feels that the quality of education she receives at CCBC is comparable to a four-year institution, and she’s found the faculty to be helpful and supportive.

“As a mother that constantly supports my children, it’s nice to get that same kind of support from the faculty and my peers at CCBC,” said Comegys.

While it’s not always easy, Comegys would tell someone thinking about going back to school that it is definitely possible, and it will all be worth it in the end.

“Going back to school as an adult with kids can be challenging, but don’t give up and don’t lose sight of the overall goals of your education,” she said. “I don’t care if you are only taking one class. Slow progress is better than no progress.”

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