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Vidhi Patel

General Studies, President’s 2024 Distinguished Graduate

Vidhi Patel stand in front of orange letters that read "CCBC" in her graduation robe.

Vidhi Patel redefines her future, her way at CCBC.

Vidhi Patel faced two paths after high school: a traditional route or a less familiar one that could stretch her idea of what’s possible. She chose the latter, defining her journey in ways she never imagined.

"Growing up, I always thought I would major in computer science and follow a safe, traditional path," Patel recalls. She announced she would not pursue a degree. "I realized that dream was not meant for me. I didn’t want to stick to comfort for the sake of security."

On her parents' urging, she reluctantly enrolled at CCBC – a turning point.

"Before CCBC, I was not actively involved in my community, nor was I interested in any leadership roles," she said. "I enrolled as a CCBC student, (then) the Honors College and started on my path to becoming the person I am today.”

Patel garnered a reputation for being intelligent, motivated, authentic, and a skilled leader. She consistently earned a 4.0 GPA while immersing herself in campus activities, including serving as president of Phi Theta Kappa and the Fashion Club.

Her dedication paid off, and she was named the 2024 President’s Distinguished Graduate, speaking at her graduation.

We all came to CCBC with a dream, and today, we are leaving with a future."

While majoring in general studies at CCBC, Patel discovered her passion for fashion design, leading to a paid internship with Brandon Warren Design. She plans to earn a bachelor's degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology and launch her own formal wear brand.

“CCBC has helped fund my education on top of connecting me to multiple resources that have led me to be here today,” said Patel.

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