Frequently Asked Questions: Getting Started


What should I do to enroll at CCBC?

There are several steps you need to take to enroll. Your first step is to apply to the college by submitting the Admissions Application. This application is free and can be completed online, or in person at the Admissions Office.

Your next step is to visit one of the campuses to meet with an academic advisor. The advisor will help you determine whether you will need to take the placement tests, what courses you may want to register for, and assist you in signing up for a new student orientation/registration session.

What are the college placement tests and do I need to take them?

Placements tests are given to assess your level of skill in reading, English, and mathematics. The scores you receive on these tests are designed to provide you and your advisor important information useful in planning your schedule of classes. Each campus has an Assessment Center where placement testing is available throughout the year and there is no fee associated with the tests. Click here for more information about the placement test, and for links to helpful placement practice sites.

Can I take classes while I am still in high school?

High school juniors and seniors may be eligible to participate in the CCBC Parallel Enrollment Program (PEP). Class choices are guided by student interests, pre-requisite skill levels, and schedule. It is essential that students consult with their high school counselor to determine if participation in the program is compatible with their high school program. Students who reside in Baltimore County are eligible for a 50% tuition discount. There is also a College 4 Free program. Contact your campus' Admissions Office for more details.

Do I need to see an academic advisor?

Meeting with an advisor can be helpful to you throughout your time at CCBC. As a new CCBC student, you will be required to meet with an advisor after you have completed your placement tests to discuss your results and to plan a course of study. After registering and beginning your coursework, you may choose to meet with an advisor for a variety of reasons including academic difficulty, planning your transfer to a four year college, and/or choosing courses that apply to your major. Contact your campus' Advisement Center to set up an appointment.

How do I apply for a Selective Admissions program?

If you are interested in a Health Professions program, you must first apply to CCBC using the Application for Admission. Once you have applied to the college, you must then meet admission criteria before you are admitted into the specific health program. It is very important for you to meet regularly with an advisor to assure that the courses and grades are in accordance with the requirements of the program. Most selective admissions programs require the submission of a separate application to the program in which you seek enrollment. These applications are available through your SIMON account.

Can I get credit for job/life experience?

Each department has its own policy on how and if it awards credit for prior work experience. You can contact the specific department to inquire about its policy.

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