Mortuary Science Program


Online Admissions Process For Mortuary Science


We appreciate your interest in the Mortuary Science program at the Community College of Baltimore County, Catonsville and want to make certain that you are successful.

The Mortuary Science program is a selective admissions program. Although the Community College of Baltimore County has an open door policy for general admission, enrollment in the School of Health Professions programs is competitive.


Open and review the requirements found in the MORTUARY SCIENCE ADMISSION PACKET. Learn what it takes to be admitted to the only Mortuary Science program in the State of Maryland!

STEP 1 - Review the Pre-Application Checklist

To make certain that your application can be FULLY considered for the program, please review the following Pre-Application Checklist BEFORE COMPLETING AN APPLICATION to the Mortuary Science program at CCBC.

  Pre-Application Checklist YES NO Not Certain


Have you reviewed the admissions criteria for the Mortuary Science program? Prerequisite information can be found in the admission packet.      


If you have completed coursework at CCBC, is your CCBC GPA at least a 2.00?*      


Have you completed coursework at another College? If so, does the School of Health Professions Admissions Office have copies of your transcript?



Is your overall GPA for all college coursework completed at least 2.00?*



Have you completed ALL of the prerequisite courses with a grade of C or better and a 2.30 GPA PRIOR to the start of the Mortuary Science courses?

a. ACCT 101 e. CSIT 101
b. Humanities & Arts or Behavioral Science elective f. PSYC 101
c. BIOL or PHYS Science elective g. ENGL 101
d. MATH elective h. SPCM 101

*If you do not know how to calculate your GPA, you can use this website:

STEP 2 - Calculate your score for the Pre-Admissions Checklist

If you answered YES to these 5 question then CONGRATULATIONS you are eligible to apply to the Mortuary Science program.

If you answered NO or NOT CERTAIN to any of the questions then, you may not be eligible to apply at this time. You may contact the Mortuary Science program advisor: Ms. Gwyn Degner at 443-840-4352 or

STEP 3 - Apply to the School of Health Professions

Are you a current or former CCBC student? – Go directly to SIMON and apply under the Student Services Tab.
NOTE: There is a $20 application fee to apply to the School of Health Professions. Applying online requires paying the application fee before the application can be submitted. CCBC accepts VISA and MASTERCARD for the payment.

New to CCBC? You need to apply to CCBC first – Click here to start your application to CCBC
Once admitted to the College, you will be able to log in to SIMON to complete the School of Health Professions Admissions process.

STEP 4 - Submit official transcripts

Official transcripts from all previous colleges attended, including CLEP scores, AP scores and international evaluations need to be submitted to CCBC. You do not need to submit a CCBC transcript. All documentation should be submitted to the School of Health Professions Admissions Office, J101 7201 Rossville Blvd., 21237.

STEP 5 - Check the status of your application

You can check the status of your application online by logging into SIMON.


The Mortuary Science program admits a limited number of students each year. The academic credentials of the most competitive candidates include a minimum of a 2.30 prerequisite GPA and completion of prerequisite courses with a grade of "C" or better. Students should complete these courses by the end of the semester of the application deadline. The competitiveness of admissions depends on the pool of applicants.

You can find additional information about the Mortuary Science program by downloading the MORTUARY SCIENCE ADMISSION PACKET!

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