Virtual Planetarium Show

Friday, June 5 - Tuesday, June 30 | Online

The impulse to strike out into the unknown, to see what’s over the horizon… is as old as humanity. Today, a whole new horizon beckons. Scientists now believe that our galaxy is filled with solar systems, including up to 9 billion Sun-like stars with planets similar to Earth.

Astronomers are racing to find habitable worlds, including any that might exist in the neighborhood of our Sun . But if we find one, how will we ever get there? How long will it take? What rocket designs might one day conquer the voids of space?

Faster Than Light: The Dream of Interstellar Flight dazzles audiences with virtual rides aboard spacecraft of the future. These craft are based on whole new technologies designed to achieve ultra-high speeds, using exotic next generation rocket fuels and breakthrough concepts in physics.

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David J. Ludwikoski
person shines a flash light into the night sky