RN Blended Information Session

Thursday, April 25, 6:00 PM-7:30 PM | Catonsville Campus

Health Careers & Technology Building (HTEC) | Room 205

Applicants must attend an in-person information session about the RN Blended program to be eligible for admission.

The RN blended program is offered for students who are self-motivated and have initiative to learn. The coursework is delivered in concept modules, which open at specific times as each concept is taught. These modules are reading assignments and can contain interactive activities as well as videos; they do not include recorded lectures or PowerPoint presentations. The modules are completed off campus, independently by the student.  

Seminars to review each module, as well as lab and simulations are held on campus 2-3 times each week and attendance is mandatory. Hospital based clinicals occur once a week during the day as determined by availability.

Please RSVP to apowell3@ccbcmd.edu to attend the required Information session.

For more information contact:
Akira Powell

nursing student