Top 10 reasons to attend CCBC


The top 10 reasons to choose CCBC
There have never been so many good reasons to come to CCBC … which is yours?

  1. From “A” to “Z” and everything in between, CCBC offers a wide range of programs. CCBC students can choose from more than 100 different associates’ degrees and certificate programs – more than any other college in the Maryland region.
  2. Higher education at half the cost. Many students leave four-year universities with a full education, but empty pockets and the burden of school loans for years to come. CCBC’s yearly cost for a full-time student averages $2,600, while full-time students at other public colleges typically pay about $6,000 annually for their educations. Add it up: students spend less than half the national average for the first two years of a bachelor’s degree at CCBC.
  3. Qualified faculty and personalized attention. CCBC’s classes are taught by highly trained and credentialed faculty, not the teaching assistants you often get at four-year universities. Additionally, with a student to teacher ratio of 17-1, students are guaranteed personalized attention and the opportunity to develop one-on-one relationships with their professors, ensuring success.
  4. Close to friends, family and work. CCBC offers programs on three campuses, putting higher education within convenient reach of Baltimore metropolitan area residents. Also, CCBC has two satellite campuses (Owings Mills and Hunt Valley). CCBC’s Distance Learning program provides students with easy-to-access alternatives to commuting to one of the campuses.
  5. Transfer and excel with ease. CCBC’s graduates transfer to some of the nation’s finest colleges and universities, often on scholarship. CCBC makes transferring into a four-year college effortless through its articulation programs. And get this: research shows that students who transfer from community colleges to four-year universities do just as well – often better – in their last two years at a university than the students who attended the university all four years.
  6. Student success. CCBC assumes responsibility for its students’ successes, and has many programs in place to support students throughout their studies. There are many programs for struggling students to provide them with personalized attention and allow them to maximize their experience at CCBC.
  7. Student life. At CCBC, there are just as many clubs, sports and activities at student’s fingertips as there are at four-year universities. Sports, the arts, student government and just about anything else you can think of – it’s all here.
  8. Job placement services. CCBC has a job placement service that provides year-round assistance to students and alumni seeking full-time or part-time employment. This service provides students with job opportunities and necessary skills through the following: placement for work-study programs, access to on-line job bank, internship and volunteer opportunities, interviewing skills information, an annual job fair and opportunities to meet employers throughout the year through on-campus recruitment.
  9. Honors programs. Academically talented students at CCBC are offered an enhanced learning experience, catering to their specific needs. Graduates of the Honors Program at CCBC are guaranteed admission to a variety of four-year institutions in Maryland, including the College of Notre Dame, Loyola College, Towson University, Johns Hopkins School of Continuing Studies and more.
  10. Incredible value. According to a September 2004 article in USA Today, college graduates earn $20,000 per year more than high school graduates, further illustrating that the college degree has replaced the high school diploma as the baseline for maximizing carer potential. In fact, students who complete programs at CCBC will earn approximately 36.5 percent more than a student with a high school diploma or GED.


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