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Workplace BASIC Educational Skill training

Basic educational skills are an essential component for success in the workplace and life, in general. Basic educational skills include reading, writing, math, communication and problem solving.

Studies estimate between 25 to 40 percent of the current workforce lack basic skills. This workplace illiteracy costs U.S. businesses an estimated $225 billion a year in lost productivity. Employers lose over $60 billion per year due to the lack of their employees’ basic skills, mistakes, absenteeism, tardiness, injuries, and missed opportunities for improvement.

The Community College of Baltimore County believes educated employees are both valuable assets to the employer and more productive and stable members of society. Employers who provide skill enhancement courses are able to develop a strong workforce which in turn assists in reaching their business goals.

CCBC's Workplace Literacy Program offers:

Needs Assessment -

A thorough organizational review along with basic skills task analysis to provide the necessary data with which to customize a program.


Customization -

Successful workplace education programs that are tailored to individual, organizational and job-related needs. CCBC employs a variety of adult learning theories and principles to customize the program that is right for you.



Confidentiality -

Participants in the courses confidentiality at all times.



Convenience -

Classes that are taught during the day, afternoon, and/or evening, seven days a week on-site.



Quality -

CCBC experienced instructors who are skilled in working with adult learners and have a proven track record of providing quality workplace learning programs.



Reasonable Fee -

Workplace skills training at a reasonable cost. CCBC provides affordable, customized training that will help to increase the employee productivity and loyalty.


Customized BASIC educational training offered by Academic Skills in the Workplace includes:

Academic Skills Enhancement (ASE)

These courses are designed to provide the tools for employees to gain the competence and skills necessary to retain a position or to advance in the workplace.



General Educational Development (GED) Training

In addition to workplace skills development, these classes focus on the information and skills needed to work toward obtaining a high school diploma through the GED testing process.


Math Skills Development

These classes provide employees with an improved ability to perform tasks in the workplace which require computation and problem solving skills.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

These courses are offered with emphasis on speaking, listening, reading and writing to improve communication at the workplace.

For more information Email Matt Bernardy, Project Manager – Academic Skills for the Workplace at or Call 443-840-3422.

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