The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL)

“Transforming lives through teaching and learning”

Welcome to The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at the Community College of Baltimore County.


“To revitalize, inspire, and enhance teaching and learning through a collaborative exchange of practices, concepts, and programs that promote skills, critical thinking, and lifelong learning within and across the college community.”


The center serves as a focal point for faculty professional development. The Center does this by offering individual workshops, courses of study, programs, consultations, coaching and mentoring programs, as well as other activities to assist faculty and staff. In addition, we provide forums for faculty to explore and reflect on their teaching and learning in an atmosphere of support and teamwork.

CETL is committed to serve the college by

  • Building on the existing wealth of knowledge at CCBC for workshops and training
  • Continuing existing, successful development programs, such as the New Faculty Learning Community and Connections
  • Cultivating an institutional culture that encourages, values, and rewards ongoing professional development
  • Promoting an appreciation of lifelong learning, personal development, and educational and professional advancement for all employees
  • Sponsoring forums for critical thinking and innovative ideas
  • Embracing the diversity of our world by forging a supportive learning and working environment

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