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About Online Learning at CCBC

Online classes, also referred to as "Internet" or "Web-based" courses, offer busy students an excellent opportunity to pursue their educational goals at times and locations convenient to them. These courses are offered over the Internet, and in many cases do not require on-campus attendance, except for review sessions and tests.

Most of the course content resides on Web pages created by the instructor. Textbooks are also required for most courses. You can log in and do your course work according to your schedule, as long as course deadlines are met. You will communicate with your instructor and classmates through the course communication tools: email, discussion boards, and perhaps chat sessions. In most cases you will have to come to a campus Testing Center for exams.

Convenient? Yes, but online learning is not for everyone. It is rigorous and requires a clear commitment. To succeed in such an environment you need to be an independent learner, well organized, disciplined, and constantly on-task.

To increase your chances for success, read the information under Before registering for an online class and make sure that you can comply with the requirements before you decide to enroll in an online course.

Before registering for an online class

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