Financial Aid -- Award Information


FERPA (Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act)

To protect your right to privacy and confidentiality, your student information will be released only to the student. If students wish to release information to another party, including parents or a spouse/partner, you will need to provide CCBC with written permission to do so. Detailed award information (including award amounts) will not be disclosed over the telephone.

Award Notification and Tuition Payment

If you are eligible for any of the following types of aid you will receive an email notification from the Financial Aid Office:

  • Pell Grant
  • Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)
  • MD Part-time Grant
  • Federal Direct Stafford Loan (Subsidized, Unsubsidized and PLUS)
  • Student Employment
  • Maryland State Grant or Scholarship
  • Foundation and/or Institutional Scholarship

The Bursar will do one of the following:

If the awarded aid covers the entire bill (tuition, fees and book credit), no further action is required.

If there is any balance due to you after deductions, a check will be mailed to you 14 days from the date of disbursement. Your SIMON account provides information on your disbursement schedule.

If the awarded financial aid covers only part of the bill, you will be responsible for paying the balance to the college.

Visit SIMON to pay your full balance or sign up for the tuition payment plan.

Program of Study

To receive financial aid you need to be enrolled in a degree or certificate program of study. Undecided and Personal Enrichment are not acceptable and financial aid will not be awarded and/or disbursed. Some certificate programs are not approved for financial aid.


You will not receive financial aid for any course that is audited, or changed to audit, before disbursement.

Cancelled Classes

If the college cancels a class because of low enrollment, it is your responsibility to replace that class. Financial aid will be canceled for that class even if the aid has already been disbursed. You are obligated to re-pay any balance due to the college if a class is cancelled after financial aid is disbursed. Meet with an advisor to find an approved class for your program of study.

Payment for Repeat Coursework

There is a limit to the number of times Financial Aid can pay for repeat coursework. If a student receives an F, W, I, or U for a course, Financial Aid can pay for the student to repeat the class to earn a passing grade. Once the course has been passed with a grade of D or better (A, B, C, or S), Financial Aid will only pay one more time for the student to attempt to obtain a better grade. Any second or subsequent repetition of the passed course will not be included in the student’s enrollment status for purposes of the Title IV programs. Withdrawals (W), Incompletes (I), and failing grades (F or U) are considered failed attempts. If a student previously passed a course and is repeating it for a better grade and subsequently earns a W, I, F, or U grade, Financial Aid recognizes that as a failed attempt and the course is no longer eligible for payment.

Example: If a student receives an “F” the first time he or she takes a course and subsequently passes the course with a “D”, the student may only receive financial aid one more time to improve their “D” grade. If the student receives a “D” for the first time he or she takes a course and subsequently withdrawals (W) or fails (F or U grade) the course on the second attempt, Financial Aid will not pay for a third attempt.

Withdrawals and Non-Attendance

Learn more about withdrawal and non-attendance.

Student Employment

Learn more about student employment.

Consortium Agreements (Attending more than one college)

You may not receive federal financial aid from two schools for the same semester or period of enrollment. If you receive federal aid from CCBC and another institution for the same semester, either CCBC or the other college must return the funds disbursed and you will be billed for the returned funds.

Summer Financial Aid

Financial aid for summer is limited to students who have remaining Pell Grant and Direct Loan funds.

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