Honors Program

Admission to the Honors Program

The Honors Program at CCBC is designed to enrich the educational experience of the exceptional student. The Program seeks students who are both academically gifted and highly motivated. Admission to the Program requires the completion of this application, which was designed to provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their interest in honors and the likelihood of their success in a rigorous, academic program.

NOTE: Students who are not currently attending CCBC must also complete an application of admission to the College.

The Honors Committee meets regularly during the semester to review completed applications, so students may submit materials anytime throughout the school year. Students are strongly advised to contact our office to determine a specific deadline for your interview. We will contact you by mail once a decision has been reached about your application.

Please have your high school transcripts and/or your college transcripts (official/unofficial) sent directly to the Honors Program. If you have sent your transcripts to the Admissions Office, you must submit another copy directly to the Honors Program.

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* Date
* Name
* E-mail address
* Student ID Number (Not Soc. #)
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* Major
1. Evidence of academic potential:
* High School
* High school GPA (Must fill in GPA only if you do not have a college transcript.)
* Date of graduation (mo/yr):
  If applicable, college GPA
  If applicable, enter in SAT M, V, W or Combined
  Awards/Honors: (high school and/or college)
2. Essays:

Please submit a typed essay of at least 500 words explaining why you would like to be a member of the Honors Program.
The essay may address any reasons you have, but it should explain why you are interested, how your interest relates to your future plans, and why you think being in the Program would enhance your academic experience.
* Essay Entry:
Please submit a typed response to ONE of the following: (Please take great care in writing your essays, as they are given serious consideration.)
a. Describe an interesting assignment a teacher has given you. Why was it interesting and worth doing?
b. What person, event, or activity has significantly influenced your personal development? In what ways?
c. Imagine you could have lunch with any famous person born before the 20th century. Whom would you choose and why? Explain how you think your conversation would proceed.
  Enter response to question a, b OR c:
3. Letters of recommendation (2 or 3):
Please have letters of recommendation from people familiar with your academic ability sent to the Honors Program.
* Please contact your instructors (two) about your recommendation forms. If you need recommendation forms, stop by our office to pick them up or call (443) 840-1880 and we can mail the forms to you to complete and forward to your professors.
* 4. Other evidence that will show intellectual potential: Please submit any other information that you think might assist the Honors Committee in making a decision about your application.
* 5. How did you hear about the Honors Program?
* Please check box next to the campus to which you are applying:

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