Help keep the CCBC website up-to-date

While we work on the website redevelopment project, Sitecore training has been discontinued. However, we need to ensure the current CCBC website stays up-to-date as well.

Are you a trained content contributor or owner? You can login and make updates as needed and submit them for approval. If needed, our Sitecore tutorials are always available to view.

Not a trained content contributor or owner? That's ok! Most areas have one or more contributors who have access to Sitecore. If you need to update information on the website, contact the content contributor your department.

No contributor trained for an area? Here’s what to do:
  1. Familiarize yourself with our content standards. Specifically:
  2. Download a Word content template.
  3. Review the page in need of updating.
  4. Include all copy that needs to stay on the template.
  5. Add any revisions or additions to the copy. You can highlight the edits in yellow.
  6. If a rendering, such as an orange border block or accordion, needs to be removed or added, indicate that on the template.
  7. Email the completed content template to the Web Content Managers.
  8. After adding your request to our list of priorities, we will send you a confirmation email with a projected completion date, if available.
  9. Once complete, the Web Team will publish and email you.

Additional training and tips

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