Baltimore County War of 1812 Bicentennial

A Proud Legacy

Baltimore County is an active, enthusiastic partner in the bicentennial celebration of the War of 1812, the event that gave rise to our national anthem.

This national celebration will have a major presence in the Baltimore region. It will honor and commemorate the heroism of Marylanders and others who successfully defended Baltimore from the British invasion that unfolded in September of 1814.

It will highlight and celebrate the people, places and events that helped keep America free and independent.

While many are familiar with the naval bombardment of Fort McHenry and that event's role in inspiring our national anthem, a smaller number understand the significance of the British land attack, which resulted in the Battle of North Point in southeast Baltimore County.

During the bicentennial celebration -- from 2012 -2015 -- Baltimore County hopes to highlight the importance of the Battle of North Point and many other stories that reveal our proud War of 1812 heritage.

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