• ITT tech students let's talk campaign ad

When ITT Tech closed abruptly due to U. S. Department of Education sanctions, reaching out to the school’s displaced students became a CCBC priority.

The college hosted an Open House at the CCBC Owings Mills location, specifically designed to help former ITT Tech students explore their options.

"ITT Tech's closure represents a very difficult turn of events for hundreds of students in our local area. As a college, we are committed to doing what we can for these students," said CCBC President Sandra Kurtinitis. "We offer similar programs at a far better price. Working through the details may be challenging, but we want to serve as a valuable resource for these students and help them get back on the right track."

According to the Maryland Higher Education Commission, approximately 600 students were impacted locally. With many facing significant debt without achieving degree completion, affected students could have the option of having their federal loans forgiven and starting their education over, or transferring their academic credits to accepting colleges – making them ineligible for loan forgiveness.

"We understand that these students will have to make some tough choices," expressed President Kurtinitis. "Our team of experts is prepared to advise them and be fully transparent in regard to any challenges the students may face. CCBC is a great option and we will do all that we can to help ITT Tech students have an easy transition."