Build a career fighting digital crime

Degree and certificate programs at CCBC prepare students for in-demand careers in cybersecurity

The demand for cybersecurity jobs is soaring, with growth projected to be 12 times faster than the overall job market. That’s good news for students in CCBC’s Information Systems (Cyber) Security and Network Technology programs.

“CCBC expanded my network and opportunities, helping me achieve my ultimate goal of working in network security,” says Elliott Pfarr, who, after nine short months of coursework, landed a full-time position with Dunbar Cybersecurity in Hunt Valley, Md. Positioning students like Pfarr with the certifications they need to gain entry and build their way up in the industry is the focus of CCBC’s Cybersecurity program.

CCBC students gain hands-on experience through the use of real-time cybersecurity attack-and-defend simulations they can access 24-7 from any location via the new Cybersecurity Institute at CCBC Essex. The Institute is equipped with latest intrusion-protection systems and a virtual desktop infrastructure, connected with cybersecurity-related databases worldwide.

Find your pathway to cybersecurity success. Contact Ron Hinkel, director, Cybersecurity Institute (443-840-3932).