CCBC joins the first consortium dedicated specifically to advancing success of men of color in community colleges

May 18, 2015

The Community College of Baltimore County has joined the Minority Male Community College Collaborative (M2C3) National Consortium on College Men of Color. The consortium is designed for community colleges who are interested in sharing their efforts and learning new strategies for enhancing the completion success of men of color.

According to Mark D. Williams, director of CCBC Career Development Counseling, “We are just in the beginning of our program for Men of Color having had a one-year Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) grant renewed for a second year. This consortium offers us access to educational tools as well as the benefits of learning from the experiences of others.”

To combat the achievement gap, the M2C3 National Consortium is committed to facilitating an exchange of ideas between community colleges across the nation on how best to serve men of color in our educational institutions. CCBC’s engagement in M2C3 should also enhance professional development for faculty and staff, enable informed interventions for our current programs serving men of color and inspire new initiatives to address challenges facing these men.