CCBC President’s Message

Feb 03, 2017

Statement addresses Executive Order on Immigration Restrictions

Dear CCBC Community,

President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration restrictions has stirred a level of anxiety and confusion among some of our students and colleagues, particularly those directly impacted by the countries named in this travel ban: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. While we currently know of only a few CCBC students directly impacted by the travel ban at this point, the college’s non-native population is sizable. Nearly 3,000 students of international origin are enrolled in CCBC’s credit and non-credit classes. These include ESOL students, Green Card holders, refugees, international students on F-1 visas, and a very small number of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) students. Additionally, we also have some employees who are naturalized citizens as well as a small group on Green Card status. Few of any of these groups of students or staff are directly affected by the Executive Order.

However, these days are uncertain ones for anyone with international affiliations, and they are proving equally trying for those of us who strive to support them. Although the implementation of these restrictions is still unclear, CCBC will continue to monitor federal legislation and rules and support all members of our community to the greatest extent possible within the law. This includes protecting the confidentiality of student information and standing firm in compliance of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). It also includes our intention to ease the transition back into our college community for those prevented from a speedy return from traveling abroad.

For students and employees whose individual or family circumstances necessitate additional support, the college has resources in place to provide guidance and to connect them to helpful services. Students should reach out to CCBC Success Navigators available in the Office of College and Community Outreach or to the Office of International Student Services . Employees should contact the Director of Benefits in the office of Human Resources at 443-840-5404.

But there is something more that all of us at CCBC can do… and this lies at the core of our mission, the one we live every day: nurturing and supporting students, no matter their race, color, creed or political persuasion. Inclusiveness is one of our college’s most dearly held core values. No matter our individual politics or points of view on this matter, we are all members of a CCBC community. That community is a microcosm of the diverse communities we serve. We value that diversity as a strength not as a weakness; it is a bond that strengthens community rather than dilutes it.

For 60 years CCBC has remained steadfastly committed to providing a safe, yet stimulating and nurturing learning environment for all who wish to study and learn on our campuses. All who turn to CCBC as a pathway to opportunity are welcome. We have traveled that path for the past 60 years; we – and those who come after us – will travel it for the next 60 years and beyond. This is our most important contribution to the well-being of the 3,000 non-native students as well as the other 60,000 students who attend CCBC.

We have only one mission here at CCBC: to do all that we can to support the success of each student who walks through our door. That is the magic of our “open door” mission, and one we intend to honor for decades to come.


Dr Kurtinitis Signature

Sandra Kurtinitis, President