CCBC hosts interactive art festival – pARTake

Join CCBC for pARTake - a FREE interactive art festival 12 – 4 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 14 at CCBC Catonsville. It’s a fun, family event where participants can experience art and art-making in progress.

Hosted by the Art, Design and Interactive Technology (ADiM) division within CCBC’s School of Technology, Art & Design, Professor David Zobel developed the concept and is playing a key role in organizing the festival. He wanted an event where people could not only see artists at work, but also partake in making the art. Most importantly, he wanted it to be free and open to the public for all to enjoy.

“I wanted to develop a carnival-style event to highlight the talented works of CCBC faculty, students and local artists, without the carnival-style costs,” said Zobel. “Entry is free and there is no cost to participate in any of the workshops or activities. It’s a great introduction to the arts in a fun, family-friendly environment.” View full interview with David Zobel and Yolanda Vazquez about the upcoming arts festival »

The festival allows people to learn about a broad spectrum of art – from painting and sculptures to computer-based art and design. It’s a creative undertaking meant to inspire and foster an appreciation of art.

Events and exhibits currently scheduled include:
  • Clashing Colors! (T-shirt dyeing activity)
  • Drawing Duels (Large scale Pictionary contest)
  • Painting with Light (Virtual reality painting using the Oculus Rift)
  • Chalk-It (Sidewalk chalk drawing contest)
  • Monster Drawing (Learn how to draw your own monsters with David Zobel)
  • Collaborative Batiking workshop
  • All Booked Up (Bookbinding)
  • Artists-in-Progress (faculty, alumni, student producing art)
  • Face Painting
  • Photobooth (CCBC Student Photo Club)
  • Belly dancing class
  • Open mic jam session
  • Dance lessons (CCBC Dance Express)
  • Dance Challenge (CCBC KPop)

Vendors and food trucks will have items available for purchase. Raffle tickets can also be purchased for the opportunity to win art or other items donated by local businesses. Proceeds from the raffle support CCBC student exhibitions.