21 courses in 21 months, ONLINE!

Dec 17, 2017

Earn your General Studies degree fully online

Starting this spring, CCBC makes achieving your academic and career goals even easier with the launch of an accelerated, online General Studies degree program. In as little as 21 months, you can take the 21 courses required to complete your associate degree full online. It’s flexible, affordable and a smart choice for anyone planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree after graduating from CCBC.

The General Studies online program enables you to take a combination of seven-week and 14-week classes in the spring and fall, along with winter and summer session classes to earn the 60 required graduation credits early. What’s more, you can learn when and where it’s convenient for you without worrying about the commute or stressing over juggling your classes and work schedule.

This flexible option is especially appealing if you like to take charge of your own learning, design your own course of study, or if you have accumulated credits from other programs or colleges. Plus, General Studies gives you the well-rounded skills needed to pursue a variety of academic disciplines and careers after CCBC.

So, don’t let the demands of family, work and a crazy schedule keep you from achieving your goals. Consider an online degree in General Studies and take the first, quick step toward a bright future.

Registration is underway for CCBC spring classes. To get started or find out more about the new online General Studies option visit www.ccbcmd.edu/21.
21 courses in 21 months