Diamonds & Denim Event

by Fatima Winkey-Stokes | Ann-Marie Thornton, CFRE

It was the perfect balance of glitz and glamour at the CCBC Diamonds and Denim event on January 13, 2017 where more than 220 guests celebrated the conclusion of the college’s historic fundraising campaign: New Beginnings the Campaign for CCBC and its 60th anniversary.

Outfitted in jeans, gemstone jewelry and sequins, guests arrived at the newly renovated Hilton Center (formerly Hilton Mansion) on the CCBC Catonsville campus. They were greeted by student ambassadors under a beautifully decorated lit tent draped in diamonds and denim where they had the opportunity to see their brick or paver on the New Beginnings Walkway.

Intrigued by the idea of getting a “sneak peek” of the mansion and the New Beginnings campaign’s donor wall, guests bolstered the 20 degree weather to see the $6.5 million mansion restored to its original elegance.

“The Hilton Center’s 21st century design is reminiscent of its Georgian Revival period,” said CCBC President Sandra Kurtinitis, “We wanted to maintain the buildings historic charm and make it accessible to our students and community and we are grateful to our many donors – private and public for making this restoration possible.”

Throughout the evening, as guest enjoyed a cornucopia of delicious foods, music, and conversations –that captivated the air – they were able to tour the building and see the new home of the CCBC Center for Global Education and honors program, which now features seminar size classrooms, a student lounge, an elevator, a black-and-white checkered marble floor, elegant conference rooms, a dining area, and a catering kitchen.

The highlight of the evening was not only the gorgeously renovated space, which was designed impart by CCBC Interior Design students, but also the stunning black and gold donor wall which was unveiled by CCBC President Sandra Kurtinitis; Michael Carper, chair of the CCBC Foundation; and Kenneth Westary, vice president of Institutional Advancement. The wall illuminated the names of 300 private individual, corporate, foundation and public donors who helped to create new beginnings for hundreds of CCBC students.

At the center of the five gold plates on the donor wall, is the statement: “CCBC proudly acknowledges the major gifts, grants, and pledges received from its most generous donors…Their contributions and encouragement will ensure more students receive scholarships, and that CCBC programs will be strengthened, faculties and equipment updated, and the overall student experience enriched.”

New Beginnings: The Campaign for CCBC launched in 2010, raised $57.3 million from 10,364 donors prior to its conclusion on June 30, 2017. The campaign supported the renovations of the Hilton Center at CCBC Catonsville, along with the Center for Global Education Endowment, scholarships for students, innovative technology in the classroom, and faculty and staff development.

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