An update from Dr. Sandra Kurtinitis

RE: Coronavirus (COVID-19): Update #4
College Moves to Severely Restricted Operations at noon, Monday, March 16
March 16, 2020

Given the deepening public health crisis and the tightened efforts to contain it, the college will begin restricted operations at noon on Monday and remain so for two to three weeks. During this time, all staff will remain at home with some employees on telework or campus assignments, as designated by their supervisors.

Although we had hoped to be able to maintain a level of college support for instructional transition in a “Reduced Operations” mode, we are moving immediately to a severely “Restricted Operations” mode. In this way, with a minimum of staff, we will be able to continue instructional training for faculty this week as well as maintain limited administrative operations. More than that, however, we will be able to ensure that faculty, staff and students—along with their families and community members—have a reasonable chance to stay safe through this very uncertain time.

To effect these changes, please note the following important schedule adjustments:

  • March 16 – 22: All campus based instruction and all student and public facing services are suspended. A minimal crew of onsite employees will continue to train faculty for remote or alternative instruction as well as address a limited range of operational needs and transition. To ensure academic integrity, suspended instruction from this week will be made up during the week of final exams, as per the strategy used to respond to the weeklong snow storm closure during Snowmageddon.

  • March 23 – 29: The plan to resume instruction remotely on March 23 has now changed; instruction – remote or otherwise – will now resume on March 30. To accommodate this adjustment, Spring Break will be accelerated from the scheduled dates of April 6 – 10 to March 23-27, giving faculty additional time to make this transition and avoiding the need to extend the semester beyond the scheduled exam period. Normal Spring Break protocol will apply during this time. The college is closed; no classes will be offered; no services will be available. We will maintain April 10 and 13 as holidays.

  • March 30 – April 3: Unless full and normal college operations can begin with integrity, all instruction will resume on March 30 in a remote or alternative instructional environment. Unless otherwise noted, the campuses will remain in “Reduced Operations” mode, maintaining administrative functions, providing support for remotely or alternatively delivered instruction, and functioning in a telework environment.

  • April 6 – 30: Ideally, at some point during this time, normalcy returns to the college. Nonetheless we will have the remote instruction and telework systems in place should such efforts need to continue.

In this highly fluid environment, I cannot promise that this will be the last message attempting to capture the essence of the many shifting planes of this pandemic. Nonetheless, the Coronavirus updates will serve as our guide through the next several weeks. We will return to full campus based service and instruction as soon as we are able, but the plans we have put in place will enable us to make our way to the end of April, if necessary.

Despite the schedule disruption, we will be able to sustain academic integrity for coursework this semester and maintain a modicum of operational efficiency. In the short run, we will continue remotely to attend to those tasks and projects that can be handled in that manner; everything else will still be there for us to do when normalcy returns…which it surely will…eventually.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding of just how difficult it is to metaphorically “catch a moonbeam!” As I always expect, the amazing resilience, creativity, and spirit of our CCBC community will carry the day!