An update from Dr. Sandra Kurtinitis

RE: Coronavirus (COVID-19)
March 4, 2020

Concerns about a possible epidemic, pandemic or local outbreak of the Coronavirus have transferred our attentions from national politics and the plummeting stock market to how best to keep ourselves safe from a menace we cannot even see! At yesterday’s Senior staff meeting, therefore, the vice presidents and I reviewed and updated CCBC’s Pandemic-Epidemic Plan, a strategy model for dealing with such events, in place but unused since the prior threats of Avian and Swine Flus.

Although no verified case of Coronavirus has yet been identified in Maryland, the Maryland Department of Health has stated that it believes such is imminent. Therefore, while we at CCBC cannot control what happens in the world outside of our little corner of the globe, we can in fact influence the level of comfort and security we feel within our personal and collective spheres. Understanding the nature of the situation, remaining calm in the face of the flurry of negative headlines and second guesses, and practicing good common sense in personal and community hygiene will go a long way towards keeping our college community healthy and productive.

Please refer to the useful information below about the Coronavirus; strategies for individual protection; and the college’s response to keeping us all as safe as possible from the onslaught of the offending germ.
Finally let me say that it goes without saying that you should inform your supervisor if you or a member of your household has flu or flu-like symptoms. Should that be the case, please remain at home. With the arrival of warmer weather, the virus may well dissipate of its own accord, but we will take no chances on achieving that simplest of resolutions. Custodians are already sanitizing common touch points such as door knobs, computer monitors, desks and other surfaces each day; hand sanitizers are positioned within sight of all entry points; and “Stop the Spread of Germs” posters will soon be posted throughout the campuses. As we have faculty and staff preparing to attend conferences or study abroad, we will also monitor domestic and international travel.

Although our College Communications Web Team is working to place Coronavirus information in high visibility on the CCBC website, I would encourage faculty and other staff in frequent contact with students to share this message broadly. We will share additional information as we receive it over the next few weeks. As is our habit at CCBC, we will face this challenge as we have most others, collaboratively, collegially, and with a sense of optimism. In the best spirit of “Everybody Helps,” we will be ready to deal with this potential health concern as effectively as any institution possibly can.