An update from Dr. Sandra Kurtinitis

Dear Students,
Recognizing the need for flexibility and compassion during this very unusual time, I write now to share a number of important decisions the college has made as we prepare to bring the semester to a close.

End-of-semester details
  • Remote learning: Classes will continue in remote instructional mode until semester’s end. If Governor Hogan begins to ease COVID-19 restrictions in May, your faculty member may schedule limited on-site access to laboratory and specialized facilities with appropriate social distancing and hygiene practices in place.

  • Laptop loans: CCBC has distributed several hundred laptops to students who lacked proper technology, and will expand this initiative to make laptops available to other students in need. Students who need laptops can email the Office of College and Community Outreach at

  • Final examination week May 11–17: To make up for class time lost during preparations for remote instruction, CCBC is extending the regular semester into final examination week. Faculty may use that week to continue remote instruction and to schedule a final examination. If stay-at-home orders are still in place, faculty will conduct exams remotely; if restrictions are eased, campus on-site testing may be possible.

  • Grading options: CCBC will continue to award traditional letter grades for spring semester courses. However, we recognize that the transition from on campus instruction to remote learning has been difficult for some students. Therefore, the college will offer these additional grading options to students:

    • I – Incomplete: The I grade can be awarded when there is a reasonable chance that unfinished coursework can be completed within the time frame specified by the college’s official Incomplete policy. Students and faculty must agree to this choice.

    • W – Withdrawal Without Penalty: CCBC has extended the Withdrawal Without Penalty date to May 12. Additionally, students who wish to withdraw will be offered an emergency financial grant to retake the course in the upcoming summer session or fall semester.

    • Pass/Fail Option: Although faculty will award traditional letter grades at the conclusion of this semester, students will have the option to convert the letter grade into a P for Pass (representing A, B, C or D). Students who choose the P grade will be advised of possible negative impact based on their academic goals.

    • Students can consult the CCBC website for complete details on Spring 2020 grading options, including necessary forms.

  • Virtual Commencement: Regrettably, our traditional, on-site Commencement ceremony is not possible this year. Instead we will host a Virtual Commencement on May 31, professionally produced in order to celebrate this major milestone. Details will be forthcoming from the CCBC Commencement Committee. Graduates who prefer to participate in the Commencement ceremony in 2021 are invited to do so.

  • Event cancellations: Due to current restrictions, nearly all May 2020 events have been canceled or postponed. We regret not being able to celebrate student achievements in our customary way this year. We look forward to the day when we can gather again and enjoy athletic events, pinnings, award ceremonies and more.
Operational updates
  • Summer session: Registration for Summer session is now open, with the first sessions beginning on June 1. All courses in the 6-, 7-, and 10-week terms will continue to be delivered fully online. With a hopeful bit of optimism, however, we have added a 7-week on-site session that begins June 22.

  • Fall semester: Registration for the Fall semester opens on May 4 with classes beginning on August 31. Both on-campus and online courses are being offered at this time, but we will adapt if necessary.

  • Tuition freeze: For the second consecutive year, CCBC will not raise in-county tuition rates. We hope this decision will enable more students to return to CCBC to continue or to complete their academic goals.

  • Federal stimulus package: The college is carefully reviewing the elements of the federal stimulus package to determine its potential impact on students and the college. Stay tuned for future updates.
Finally, even though it seems hard to believe, one day soon we will all emerge from this cocoon of worry and woe. In the meantime, I encourage you to strive to complete your Spring semester coursework.

However, if the stress of the pandemic, either on a personal or academic level, has simply been too difficult, please consider the options presented. Our goal is to ease your anxiety and help you be successful in your academic journey. When this is all over, the sun will shine again.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay tuned.

Sandra L. Kurtinitis, Ph.D.