Camp Heritage Program

Arts and crafts (2-3 times per week)

This art program offers a variety of projects, both two dimensional and three dimensional. The curriculum includes a use of particular renowned artists' style and mediums. Children will find themselves in a very relaxing atmosphere where they will be able to use their imaginations and explore with their creativity.

Discovery time and table games (3-4 times per week)

Depending upon enrollment, there may be up to two independently themed-discovery components within this program. Discovery time is designed to challenge children's curiosity and creativity, while providing a world of learning. Children will participate in activities that broaden their understanding of world cultures, selected time periods, scientific discovery, and the use of physical resources.

Nature and the environment (2-3 times per week)

The program focuses on the exploration, discovery and protection of our environment. The children will utilize the entire campus and the nature resources of Patapsco State Park, located beside the campus. Opportunities will be provided for the children to explore the vegetation and animal life in the park.

Performing and creating (2-3 times per week)

This program involves a wide range of activities ranging from presenting plays/skits and making videos to learning songs and dances. It is an opportunity for the campers to express themselves in an unhindered environment, free of criticism and evaluation. As a culminating activity, this program will create the camp show to be held the evening of Thursday, August 8, 2019.

Specials and trips

Each week, the campers will be involved in a special program, special activity, or a field trip. Some past examples of the special programs, activities, and field trips include the CCBC Aviation Lab, CCBC "Fab Lab" (digital fabrication lab), Science Center, Scales and Tales, The Pro Kids, Brunswick Normandy Bowling Lanes, Children’s Playhouse of Maryland, Inc., Imagination Stage, and Fun Day. The special activities, field trips, and special programs are a regular part of camp and do not require an additional fee unless lunch, food, or drink is to be provided. Specials and trips may be grade specific.

Sports and games (daily)

This program encompasses all aspects of physical activities, including its mental and emotional aspects. It gives campers a chance to sample a variety of sports and games. Our goals are fun and fair play while improving basic skills and teamwork. The college's well-designed indoor and outdoor facilities will be used for the program.

Swimming (daily)

This swimming portion consists of both recreational and instructional swim periods. The goals of the swimming program include: educate the children in water safety knowledge and practices, help the children feel more comfortable in and around the water, enable swimmers to build on skills they have already acquired, and promote fun and enjoyment in the water. It is expected that all campers will have had prior successful swimming instruction. The swimming program is not designed as a learn to swim program. Red cross certified lifeguards serve the swim program at all times. A water safety instructor on our staff will implement the program.


Campers are to bring a packed lunch with a drink each day, which will be refrigerated. Your camper should bring a water bottle to camp to help us “go green.” Camp Heritage participates in the Baltimore County Public Library SNEAKS Summer Reading Program. Each day after lunch, we will have a “Drop Everything and Read Time” – “DEAR Time”. All your camper needs to do is bring a book to camp each day to read.

Parent orientation day

The Camp Heritage Parent Orientation Day is scheduled for Sunday, April 28, 2019, at 12:00 p.m. in the CCBC Catonsville Health Careers and Technology (HTEC) Building Room 205 A-C. It is designed to offer registrants a preview of the program components and tour of the facilities. It will also offer you an opportunity to meet selected staff members and have your questions answered. You should arrive on time as the orientation will begin promptly at 12:00 p.m. on April 28, 2019, and will not utilize an "open house" format.

Counselor in training program

For children who have completed the sixth or seventh grades by June 2019, Camp Heritage offers the Counselor in Training (C.I.T.) Program. Twenty-four children per session (four weeks) will be selected for this program. The C.I.T. program is designed to introduce middle school-age children to the skills necessary to become future leaders. The C.I.T.s will focus on positive and effective communication skills. They will participate in both classroom learning and field experience. Each day, they will have the opportunity to practice the new skills learned with campers. Using a cooperative, small group setting, each C.I.T.’s will share and reflect on their “in the field” successes and challenges.

The program’s goal is to help children who are new to leadership gain the tools and experience necessary to grow in confidence and compassion while working with others. Middle school-age children interested in becoming future leaders should apply immediately by checking off the “C.I.T Request” block on the registration form. The program runs for four weeks: Session I or Session II. Children may only attend one session. The selection process will begin in February and conclude by the the end of March. All C.I.T.s will be provided two camp shirts to wear daily during his/her experience. The cost for a four week session is $500.00, which includes the t-shirt fee. C.I.T’s will be selected by the director, Ms. Broadhurst. Due to space limitations, it is not guaranteed that all applicants will be selected for this program.

Eigth grade volunteer program

For children who have completed the sixth and seventh grade Counselor-In-Training (C.I.T.) program, Camp Heritage offers the Eighth Grade Volunteer Counselor Program. In order to be considered, a candidate must have completed eighth grade by June, 2019. This two week volunteer program is designed to help the eighth grader hone their leadership skills that were developed in the C.I.T. program. Under the program, eighth graders are expected to observe senior counselors and begin taking initiative in order to strengthen their leadership abilities. They will have a grade level assignment and travel each day with that particular group. Eighth graders who are interested in this program should apply by checking off the “Eighth Grade Volunteer Request” block on the registration form. A total of twenty-eight volunteers will be selected by the director, Ms. Broadhurst. The selection process will begin in March.

Ninth grade volunteer aid program

The Ninth Grade Volunteer Aid Program was designed for young adults who have completed ninth grade as of June, 2019. In this program, volunteers will act as an aid to several classroom teachers over a four week period. The goal of this program is to teach volunteers an appreciation for the planning and preparation involved in camp curriculum, while providing helpful assistance to camp staff. It’s a behind the scenes look, if you will, from the perspective of an instructor. This unique opportunity not only offers the volunteers the ability to better learn the developmental skills of each age group, but also lets them witness first-hand the difference great counselors can make for a group of children. It is expected that volunteers who enroll in this program will have a desire to work with campers and take initiative in their own learning process. Ninth graders who are interested in the volunteer program should apply by checking the “Ninth Grade Volunteer Request” block on the registration form. A total of twelve volunteers will be selected by the director, Ms. Broadhurst. The selection process begins in March.

Please note: if you have completed the tenth grade and are sixteen years old, you are eligible to apply for an Assistant Counselor position. Please call for this application. The deadline to submit your application is Friday, March 8, 2019.

Camp success agreement

Each staff member, parent, and camper will be asked to sign a camp agreement. The spirit of the camp success agreement is that we all have a role in helping a child succeed in the camp environment. The agreement is designed to promote conduct that develops respect for every individual. Repeated violation of this agreement on the part of a staff member or camper will lead to removal from the program.