Micology Club 

Mission Statement

The Micology Family incorporates the Supporting Strategic Directions of Learning Support, Infusing Technology, and Embracing Diversity to accomplish these goals

Purpose of the Micology Family:

  • To incorporate the "Learning First Strategy Plan" into all of our functions
  • Student Learning: To build a learning-centered community by using a variety of high quality programs, strategies, and methods. Micology displays this particular supporting strategy by instituting programs of diverse music and academic background in order to motivate the student body
  • Learning College: To establish college-wide programs to promote continuous improvement of organizational learning. Micology strongly believes in collaborating with different student organizations and other community colleges to build an awareness of positive and uplifting messages hidden in music and literature
  • Management Excellence: To use management procedures that link planning, budgeting, and implementing cost analysis practices that promote the economic, efficient and effective use of college resources.
  • Embracing Diversity: To recruit and retain a student population that reflects the diversity of CCBC and Balitmore County. As leaders, and as a group, we strongly believe in "Embracing Diversity."
  • Building Community: To develop relationships in the community with public schools (Middle and High), other colleges, and business organizations to promote the image of the college as a Learning-Centered organization, and as a valuable member of the community.