Student Government Association

Student Government Association (SGA) helps to plan social activities aimed at building a sense of community at CCBC Essex Campus. The SGA works closely with faculty and staff to ensure students’ needs and concerns are represented on all standing committees. The SGA also makes sure that student input is considered when college policy is developed. In a nutshell, the SGA is the official voice of the CCBC Essex Student Body.

All students enrolled at CCBC Essex are considered members of the SGA. Any student who is enrolled at CCBC Essex can hold an officer position in the SGA. Representative from each student club and organization are also part of the SGA.

What does SGA do?
  • Leadership Development Activities
  • Advocacy Day
  • Meet with Campus Officials
  • Fun Social Programs
  • Trips
  • Service Learning
  • Support Clubs and Organizations
  • Represent Student Body on College Committees

How can I get involved?
  • Volunteer with the SGA
  • Serve on an SGA committee
  • Run for an SGA officer position
  • Attend SGA meeting and events
  • Join a student club or organization
  • Visit the Office of Student Life