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Take control of your financial future

Strengthen your financial future by understanding how to create and live on a budget, the smart way to use credit, and how money management tools can help you now and in the long term.

CCBC’s Financial Aid advisors are here to guide you on your path to financial literacy – an approach that will help you reach your goals, minimize stress, and achieve confidence and competence.

Here are the important financial literacy topics:


  • Importance of good credit
  • Your credit report

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Credit cards

  • Pros and cons of using credit cards
  • Basic guidelines for credit card use
  • Boost your credit score

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  • Easy five-step financial plan
  • Creating a budget
  • Managing your money

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Loan repayment

  • Tips for college graduates
  • Options

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  • MyMoney.gov: Plan for life events that have financial implications, such as birth or adoption of a child, home ownership or retirement. Take advantage of money management tools like a financial savings calculator, worksheets for establishing a household budget, and a college preparation checklist.
  • Mapping your future: Access resources on budgeting, credit cards, identity theft and other financial literacy topics.
  • CARE Program: Bankruptcy experts from the Credit Abuse Resistance Education Program share information about the dangers of credit abuse.
  • CCBC FA TV: Watch short video clips on financial aid related topics.