Receive your financial aid refunds faster!

As part of our ongoing effort to make your life at CCBC more convenient, we’re pleased to introduce CCBC e-refunds, a secure, convenient and fast way to get your financial aid refund disbursements from CCBC:

  • Direct deposit to your bank account – Refunds can be direct deposited to an existing checking or savings account.
  • Direct deposit to a new Discover checking account * - Through our partnership with the Discover Student Deposits Program, you can apply for a checking account. With your Discover checking debit card you can check your balance and withdraw cash for free from the Discover ATM’s on the CCBC Catonsville campus, Dundalk campus, Essex campus, and Owings Mills extension center and from 60,000 other surcharge-free ATMs worldwide. On-campus ATMs will be available July 2017. 
Sign up today in SIMON to receive your refund direct deposited into your checking account. Log into SIMON. Click on Student Accounts. Select e-Refunds. Your address, date of birth, email and phone number must be on file to make a selection.

e-Refunds PLUS Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about e-Refund PLUS

What is e-Refunds PLUS?
e-Refunds Plus allows students to receive refunds from CCBC electronically, either to their existing bank account or by setting up a free Discover student checking account. Students will receive their refunds faster and more securely with the direct deposit option.

Who does this refund program affect?
All students who enroll can sign up for e-Refunds. If you are receiving Financial Aid disbursements, overpayments or if your class schedule changes due to dropping a course or a cancellation, e-Refunds will allow you to receive the funds electronically.

Refund selection process questions

How do I make my refund preference selection?
Login to SIMON, click on Student Accounts and then click on e-Refunds. You will be re-routed to the Touchnet site to enroll in e-Refunds.

What are my options to receive refunds?
You will have two options, direct deposit or free Discover student checking. To make your selection, login to SIMON, click on Student Accounts and then click on e-Refunds. If you do not make an election, you will be mailed a paper check.

What if I'm having trouble selecting my refund preference?
You can use the live chat option to get assistance with making your election.

What happens if I never select my refund preference?

If no selection is made, Heartland ECSI will mail a paper check to the address on file. Please note CCBC does not mail the check, there is no indication of CCBC on the envelope that will be delivered. The envelope you receive will be a window envelope and “Heartland ECSI” will be in the header.

Refund questions

How do I know if I'm supposed to receive a refund?
Login to SIMON, click on Student Accounts and then click Account Summary or Account Summary by Term to view your balance. If a credit balance is shown, once the school reviews your account, a refund will be processed.

What if I close my bank account and forget to update my refund preference?
If your bank account needs to be updated, login to SIMON click on Student Accounts and then click on e-Refunds and you can change your election and banking information at any time.

I applied for the Discover Cashback Checking Account and I have questions regarding the status, who do I contact?
All questions related to your application, pending approval, and account should be directed to Discover Bank at 1-888-204-9001.

I have not received my refund but SIMON shows it was issued. Who do I contact?
If you received a refund prior to June 20, 2017, please call the Bursar’s office at 443-840-3255. If your refund was processed after June 20, 2017, please call Heartland at 1-844-700-0134 or use the Heartland live chat. A Heartland representative can assist you with reissuing the refund. The quickest way to receive the refund is to enroll in e-Refunds prior to calling Heartland.

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* Notice: Students under the age of 18 are not eligible for the Discover card and will be mailed a check for any refunds, to the address that is on file in SIMON.