Jazmine Richison
Baltimore College Promise recipient

Jazmine Richison, a 2017 Patapsco High School graduate, enrolled at CCBC immediately following high school. Interested in becoming a nurse, she thought CCBC would be a great place to start. Without financial aid, she knew paying for college could be stressful. But then, she discovered the Baltimore County College Promise program.

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I was really excited to discover that I qualified for the Promise program,” said Jazmine. “It’s a relief not having to worry about paying tuition and fees.”

As “last dollar in scholarships,” the Baltimore County and Maryland Community College Promise scholarships cover tuition and mandatory fees for eligible students after applying all other financial awards—such as Pell grants, state aid and scholarships. Awardees may apply the scholarship to their first degree or credential sought at CCBC. Students still need to cover other costs such as books, transportation, supplies and materials.

a photo of CCBC student Jazmine Richison
“When students receive assistance paying for college, overall it makes communities stronger,” said Jazmine. “Many of today’s job require an education and the College Promise programs will help more people become educated. A better educated workforce is a “win-win” for everyone.”

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Jazmine described the program as an amazing opportunity for students who get stuck in the “forgotten middle,” meaning those who make too much money to receive financial aid but still struggle paying for college. She sees the benefits of the program far outreaching just the individuals it helps. It’s a ”promise” with a purpose of strengthening communities through education.