Pebbles Armwood
CCBC Student, 
General Studies

Pebbles Armwood knew she wanted to do more, but was nervous about college. Negative experiences in high school had undermined her confidence and filled her with doubt about her abilities. When she lost her job in 2009, her boyfriend encouraged her to go back to school. That’s when she found CCBC.

“When I first started college, I still thought I wasn’t good enough,” Pebbles recalls. “Now try telling me I’m not good enough. This school has changed my life.” 

From the outset, the college experience broadened her perspective in ways Pebbles hadn’t imagined. From the things she learned in class to her term as a successful SGA president, Pebbles credits the CCBC experience with pointing her life in a new direction. 

“CCBC has helped me in ways I can’t even explain,” she says. “It liberated me.” 

Having recently completed her degree at CCBC, Pebbles plans to transfer to a four-year school to earn her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science

“CCBC has absolutely prepared me for the next level. I really got something from each of my classes and can move on, knowing I will succeed.”

CCBC student, Pebbles Armwood