Tony Rossi
CCBC Student Athlete

"CCBC was the best option for me. I should have come here from high school."

For student-athlete Tony Rossi, the atmosphere at a school is very important. His first college experience – at an area four-year university – just didn’t feel right. He was looking for something more. A conversation with Shawn Burke, head coach of CCBC Essex Men’s Lacrosse, led Tony to consider attending CCBC. 

“I wanted to make a fresh start with college, and at Coach Burke’s recommendation I visited CCBC and really liked it,” he says. “I’m more confident and feel more comfortable at CCBC. The instructors and students are great people. They are helpful, friendly and I just like it better.” 
Now, Tony plays lacrosse for CCBC and is a recipient of a lacrosse scholarship. Being on a championship athletic team, it’s important for Tony to be able to take classes around his practice and game schedules. 

“I took a computer class online and it was great,” he says, “and having the resources to access online information for my other classes is really convenient and helpful.”

With a fresh start, Tony is well on his way. After graduating from CCBC, he plans to transfer to University of Maryland, College Park in 2015 to earn his bachelor’s degree in Communications. Overall, Rossi loves CCBC and advises students in similar situations to consider CCBC. 

“Do what I did. I surrounded myself with the good people at CCBC. It's the best decision you can make."

CCBC student, Tony Rossi