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CET 054 – Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom

This course is designed to train educators on differentiated instruction techniques.Topics to be covered include an overview of differentiated instruction, multiple intelligences, scaffolding and guided practice, flexible grouping and interest centers, cubing, WebQuests, I-Search, and RAFTS.

Course Objectives:
1. define differentiated instruction and applications in the classroom;
2. describe Gardner¿s theories of multiple intelligences;
3. design classroom experiences through the use of scaffolding and guided practice; and
4. develop a lesson plan through the use of cubing, WebQuest, I-Search, and RAFTs instructional strategies.

CET 055 – Virtural Academy II

This course is designed to teach instructors how to create and facilitate online courses for law enforcement personnel. This course includes classroom instruction and practical instruction using the computers in class and from remote locations. Topics to be covered include theory of online instruction, how to design the shell for WebCT and how to populate the WebCT shell with instructional materials which demonstrate the importance of each team member and offer suggestions on how to become a better team contributor.

Course Objectives:
1. identify the pedagogical objects achieved through online teaching;
2. demonstrate how to develop a WebCT (shell) template for an online course;
3. discuss the theory behind the online instruction and how it relates to the use of WebCT;
4. demonstrate how various information such as film clips, online resources, PowerPoint, and other resources can be used in online instruction;
5. demonstrate how to use WebCT as a student and as an instructor; and
6. explain the importance of WebCT in today¿s academic setting.

CET 056 – Working Successfully with Learning Disabled Students

This course provides classroom instructors with techniques and strategies to successfully meet the needs of learning disabled students in the classroom. Topics to be covered include: types of learning disabilities, creating individualized education programs (IEPs), teaching strategies for learning disabled students, and managing behavioral problems.

Course Objectives:
1. list several learning disabilities and their characteristics;
2. describe the process used to identify learning disabled students;
3. demonstrate how to create an IEP;
4. identify several effective teaching strategies for LD students; and
5. demonstrate an understanding of managing student behavior problems effectively.

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