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EDU 061 – Training for Trainers: Facilitation Skills for Job Search and Retention Workshops

This course is designed to enable the student to learn to apply facilitation theory and skills to Job Search and Retention workshops. Topics to be covered include creating a positive group learning environment, active learning techniques, providing activities for different learning styles, group management, and developing students job search and retention skills.

Course Objectives:
1. discuss and describe the difference between facilitation and instruction,
2. identify methods that help to create a supportive learning environment,
3. demonstrate an understanding of active learning techniques,
4. identify varying learning styles and design activities to meet one's learning needs,
5. develop group program techniques to include diffusing problem behaviors,
6. identify techniques to give concrete positive feedback, and
7. facilitate subject matter designed to develop and enhance one's job search and retention skills.

EDU 062 – Homeschool with Success

Learn an overview on homeschooling types and techniques. Topics to be covered include curriculum, grading, learning styles, resources, and support networks. Designed for the parents of a current or prospective homeschooled student.

Course Objectives:
1. describe legalities and regulations for homeschooling;
2. research, evaluate, and choose curriculum;
3. differentiate learning styles;
4. list resources available to homeschooled families; and
5. discuss the benefits of participation in homeschool groups and networks.

EDU 214 – An Introduction to Teaching ESL/EFL

This course is designed to provide training on how to become an effective English language instructor. Topics include how to teach vocabulary and grammar, developing listening and speaking skills in students, and assessing student progress.

Course Objectives:
1. list general language-teaching principles that guide classroom activities,
2. select activities to teach grammatical patterns,
3. use assessment to teach techniques to measure student progress,
4. explain how to develop listening and speaking skills in the classroom, and
5. describe several methods of second-language learning.

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