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PWL 179 – Writing Fiction

Learn how to write fiction from an experienced author. Investigate plot, characterization, point of view and theme. Acquire information regarding publications and how to prepare a manuscript for submission.

Course Objectives:
1. List the basic elements of a work of fiction.
2. Discuss the relationship of plots and theme.
3. Describe the development of dialogue and points of view.
4. Practice writing the basic elements of the novel.
5. List the principles of marketing the novel.

PWL 186 – Major British And American Poets

Become familiar with the works of contemporary American and British poets. Learn to identify and discuss the works of several of the more important poets, to survey literary critiques of these writers and discuss their contributions. Topics include an introduction to poetry and poets, the works of several important poets and and the effect of these poets on 20th Century poetry.

Course Objectives:
1. Identify prominent British poets including Eliot,Yeats,and Dylan Thomas.
2. Identify prominent American poets including Frost, Stafford, Stevens, Wilbur and Cummings.
3. Describe the individual styles of these poets.
4. Describe their contributions to contemporary literature.
5. Discuss the effects of this poetry on the culture of the 20th Century.

PWL 201 – Teaching: Using A Two-Way Interactive Tv System

This course is designed to provide the teacher with an understanding of two-way interactive television technology as a teaching tool Topics to be covered include equipment operation and use, slides and videotape presentations, and computer applications for a two-way environment.

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